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Our Business Story

Our Business Story

Each member of Commlan’s management team has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. We’ve successfully implemented many IT and security programs for regulated industries, like Healthcare and Finance, SMB’s and State/Local Government located throughout the New York and New Jersey Regions.

Commlan’s engineers possess the certifications, experience, and “people skills” that are often lacking within IT. At Commlan, we understand that effective communication is the difference between adequate and amazing IT service. That’s why our clients rely on us to provide secure, reliable, and tested solutions; Because we explain how systems work and what their purpose is. We don’t just tell you what to do. We explain to you how technology works, through education and training and that’s how Commlan delivers high performing, scalable IT solutions.

Why Us

Why  Us

Commlan knows that each business is unique and strives to complement each client with personalized services and solutions to improve each client's overall productivity, efficiency, and competitive advantage. Commlan strives to achieve the highest level of service at all stages of technology and business. Commitment to service, combined with technical expertise, extremely diverse knowledge and unparalleled resources enable us to consistently exceed our clients' needs. 

Commlan recognizes each company's unique challenges and is committed to ensuring continual success, productivity, and return on investment. Commlan helps you maintain and increase your competitive edge by enabling the benefits of your technology investments to grow with your company. Our clients business and their needs are our #1 priorty.

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Per PC, no contract – pay as you go managed services offer small businesses the opportunity to make sure their computers are properly monitored and maintained without any long-term commitments. Our unique offerings are designed for small businesses without the complex multi-year contracts.

Managed Firewall – Commlan’s managed firewall solutions provide businesses with the critical components necessary to securely attach their business to the Internet and protect your network and PC’s from viruses and attackers. Combine this offering with our “Per PC Managed Services” and your business is prepared to communicate beyond your local network!

Contact Commlan today to find out more about our unique small business offerings.



Commlan has been providing IT services to healthcare clients for over 25 years. We’ve been at the forefront of technology and have helped dozens of healthcare providers successfully navigate the regulatory compliance requirements so they can focus on patient care. Our managed service offerings and security experts enable healthcare businesses to maximize revenues, control costs, reduce compliance risks and streamline their operations for a profitable future.

Commlan knows that your IT system is vital to your practice. We can provide your business with the appropriate services and solutions whether you want to convert to paperless records and charts or for data sharing with other offices. Our security service offerings include HIPAA Risk Assessments, and Vulnerability Scanning, which are HHS requirements. We can show you how to best leverage your existing IT investments for maximum benefit, while navigating the ever-changing landscape of healthcare regulatory requirements. The penalties and fines for non-compliance continue to rise, and healthcare continues to be a priority for cyber attackers.

To ensure your healthcare practice is meeting HHS requirements, schedule a free consultation with Commlan today.

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Our team

Our team

Michael Duke:

Michael embarked on his journey in the IT realm back in 1996, initially as a network engineer. With almost three decades of experience predominantly in consulting services and managed services provider (MSP) domain, he has finely honed a blend of technical prowess and interpersonal finesse. His tenure saw him spearheading the definition, development, and launch of service products for MSPs, ushering in a shift from the traditional break-fix model. The innovative standards and policies he crafted remain foundational across all MSPs today.

In 1999, Michael swiftly transitioned into the evolving landscape of IT security, offering Security Vulnerability Assessments to organizations reeling from significant financial breaches. Prior to the establishment of the FBI's cyber-division, he lent his expertise in identifying and reporting nefarious cyber activities. By 2004, his unwavering commitment to leveraging technology for problem-solving led him into pre-sales engineering and sales roles for a major MWBE corporation. His journey culminated in his current role as the owner and president of Commlan, a position he assumed in 2008.

Michael's extensive experience spans across numerous SMBs and enterprise giants including Accenture, AIG, Bayer Healthcare, Blackrock, Debevoise and Plimpton, US Navy, GE Capital, Panasonic, Rockefeller University, Siemens, Verizon and many others. Over the years, he has facilitated the implementation of solutions for esteemed organizations, generating and managing revenues exceeding $450 million since 1996. By distilling best practices, policies, and procedures from various organizations, Michael has empowered Commlan clients to achieve their growth objectives through standardized, technology-driven approaches. His expertise encompasses open-source solutions and adept management of licensing intricacies, ensuring cost-effective and suitable solutions for clients.

Recently, Michael has integrated AI into Commlan's service offerings, streamlining issue resolution and bolstering end-user support. He has continuously pursued professional development, amassing numerous certifications including Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Furthermore, he has partnered with Tenable as an Ambassador for the region, solidifying his commitment to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity advancements.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Michael finds solace in his passion for music, having spent the past 38 years playing guitar and immersing himself in a diverse range of musical genres.

Affiliations and Partners

Affiliations and Partners