Communication Beyond Your Local NetworkCOMM-LAN is a full-service Information Technology firm focused on delivering cost-effective solutions.


COMM-LAN provides organizations with routing and switching design and implementation of all complexity levels needed to effectively and securely connect networks, while using integrated devices capable of delivering voice, video, and data.

Network Design Assessments

Successful networks begin with careful assessment and design. At COMM-LAN, we work closely with you in a consultative fashion so that we truly understanding your network requirements.

Our Approach

We evaluate your organizations network infrastructure to determine where needs are met and where improvements are required. Using enterprise class diagnostic tools, we examine your network and pinpoint bottlenecks or potential bandwidth issues and summarize your networks performance in a report.

A solution is then customized for your organization utlizing Virtualization and Unified Communications technologies to deliver services that are both secure and affordable. Where possible, we'll integrate with your existing systems. Where new infrastructure is required, we'll ensure you understand the costs and reasons, and provide a blueprint for implementing your new network and managing it once integrated.


COMM-LAN can provide organizations with wireless solutions that enable freedom and flexibility in your network, which in turn helps you maintain your competitive advantage in the industry. COMM-LAN provides comprehensive site surveys ensuring the successful deployment of new wireless networks including inspection and essential design requirements of high availability, scalability, manageability, and interoperability. By engaging in the surveying process, COMM-LAN will discover the potential problem areas and determine the appropriate wireless solution to address the problems and needs of the facility. Our site survey enables new wireless network solutions to be planned, deployed and implemented in a more efficient and profitable fashion.

With increasing dependence on wireless networks, it is becoming ever more difficult to ensure network security while allowing and providing end users with the freedom and mobility they need to do their jobs. COMM-LAN provides secure wireless networking solutions that ensure the integrity of corporate information and systems. Our solutions offers zero-day response to passive and active threats and attacks, host intrusion prevention, and integrated authentication framework for wireless devices trying to access the network, all while providing network administrators with simple centralized security management.

Our Services

COMM-LAN brings a complete suite of services to bear on every network design project. Our engineers will help you assess your needs and capabilities in every critical area, including security, access, compliance, performance and management. As security is an increasingly important concern for all, we perform detailed analyses of vulnerabilities and threats in your security architecture, and our network design will ensure that you have maximum protection against malicious access.

Our design solution will also take into account network management and how that affects your long-term network performance, availability and cost of ownership. Because we have deep experience in all phases of network engineering, including ongoing maintenance and monitoring, we are able to provide the necessary services to create an effective network right from the start.

Design services

  • Infrastructure design
  • Wireless & remote access
  • Network security
  • Business continuity


  • Customized network solution
  • One-stop accountability
  • Best-of-breed technology
  • Network consolidation & integration

Assessment services

  • Full network analysis
  • Performance reports
  • Bandwidth readiness
  • Application needs