Communication Beyond Your Local NetworkCOMM-LAN is a full-service Information Technology firm focused on delivering cost-effective solutions.


COMM-LAN's Life Cycle Services were developed to ensure maximum return on investment, scalability, and the efficient technology growth for your organization.


COMM-LAN's planning services seek to incorporate the full spectrum of solution metrics - financial, strategic, technical, operational, user adoption, and communications. Any of our services can be utilized separately, but taken together they help you create a business model that objectively evaluates all the key elements of your project.


A Design is more than a network diagram and a parts list. A proper design considers the business drivers, technology, services, operational plan, project management, logistics and a host of other areas that could impact the success of your project. The ultimate goal is to have a solution that addresses your business requirements. Our Design process creates those detailed, step-by-step models that increase your ability to achieve your business objectives.

Staging and Testing

COMM-LAN has several staging facility throughout the region that enables you to view the solution in a contained environment, fully test the operations, and preserve your precious office space. Your staff is encouraged to take part in the configuration and testing process and have access to hands-on solutions training in a non-production environment.


As part of any project COMM-LAN will create an efficient, scaleable, and quality controlled deployment process to minimize On-Site configuration costs while coordinating logistics on delivery and implementation. All solutions are documented while we integrate your solution into your IT life-cycle while utlizing our national deployment capability with certified enginners.

Support and Management

Converged Infrastructures often consist of multiple technologies and multiple vendors. A single OEM can not provide the proper Day 2 support.COMM-LAN combines OEM support programs with custom support elements to build a more appropriate day 2 support offering. We provide true SLA's for performance, with the ability to include MAC services. We also retain OEM hotline support in addition to COMM-LAN On-Demand model to minimize your costs.


Optimization services provide ongoing support, based on a continuous improvement process, to ensure your solution and infrastructure continue to meet your business requirements as you grow. These proactive management & optimization services provide Online, real-time visibility into infrastructure performance with a client portal to view SLA management & resolution.


COMM-LAN can design your infrastructure to automatically provide for upgrades and enhancements in a cost efficient & productive fashion. Unlike pure Out-Sourcing solutions, you will remain current with the technology. Unlike pure leasing solutions, the upgrade path can be integrated into the life-cycle to ensure timely upgrades, with deployment & support costs included. The COMM-LAN program will plan for the disposition of the old assets and include cost recovery where applicable. Ultimately, upgrade costs are managed more effectively.

For complete IT lifecycle services contact COMM-LAN - 1.800.986.2514