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IT Disaster Recovery Services

If your organization suffered from an unexpected crisis impacting your facility, systems and IT infrastructure, would you be ready to lead a recovery effort?

Traditionally, if a server went down operations were transferred to another physical server. A significant amount of time could be spent configuring this server to take over organizational IT operations. Ever increasing recovery time objectives now allow nearly instantaneous recovery if a redundant replica is stored securely offsite and the appropriate software is used to recover this stored data. This is the core of IT disaster recovery in a virtual environment.

Disaster Recovery vs Business Continuity

"Recovery" in Disaster Recovery implies that you should be able to “Recover” from a disaster or interruption related to your systems, applications and data. "Continuous" in Business Continuity is uninterrupted in time; without cessation.” Uninterrupted service and access for the entire organization should be a focus for your company allowing nearly instantaneous recovery and minimizing costs associated with operational downtime.


COMM-LAN has an innovative and cost-effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) solution for small and mid-sized organizations precisely meeting your organizations needs.

COMM-LAN's BC/DR solution offer instant failover server virtualization and full image block level transfer for more efficient and reliable backups. Incremental snapshots can be taken as often as as often as every 5 minutes for increased recovery point objectives and multiple replication schemes allow replication to your own secondary sites or our data centers.

COMM-LAN's solution is a fully managed solution that is monitored and administered 24x365 and our solution acts as off-site backup storage and a full offsite BC/DR solution!

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